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Lady Bugs/Asian Beetles

Multicolored Asian lady beetles congregate in huge numbers. Luckily, those huge numbers don’t chew or burrow into housing materials or human possessions, and they don’t carry diseases or bite (much). They do congregate in huge numbers clogging up window screens, making life unpleasant, and some smell horribly when you squash them.  They are also known to bite as well.



There are many bug traps and insecticides available on the market, these only capture the bugs and don’t help to prevent them from entering your home. We offer a Asian beetle solution that will create a barrier around your property. We will also help you identify and address entry points.   Treatment for Asian beetles can includes an inside and/or outside and/or underneath service.  All pets need to be out the treatment area for no less than 4 hours, including birds.  Fish Tanks need to be covered and pump turned off. Heat/AC need to be turned off during treatment and for 4 hours after treatment so chemical can settle.