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Indian Indian

Indian Meal 

This is probably the most common pest of food found in the home. The Indian Meal Moth is often confused with the Webbing Clothes Moth, a fabric pest. Indian Meal Moths affect food product and not fabric.  Clothes Moths affect fabric only.


    This pest is introduced into a building by being brought in with a food product that is already infested. Although manufacturers attempt to deliver food that is virtually pest free, they do not always succeed.


    Another way that this pest may enter food is from a store that has an infestation of this insect.   The immature stages of this insect may crawl into other food packages thereby introducing Indian Meal Moth into a home or business.


    A question people frequently ask is what happens if they ingest infested food product. These insects do not transmit disease, there is no harm done to people or their pets if affected food is ingested.

    Most insects are phototropic, they will fly toward light.  Because Indian Meal Moths are most active at night, people often report finding them in rooms away from the source as they follow the lights that may be turned on in those room.




Once you've isolated and removed the source or sources of the infestation (food source), The treatment products consist of various insecticide traps, fogger or stream application.  The products that will be used in accordance with the product’s label. The specific products and application methods will generally depend on the individual situation and the infestation.