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Preparation for Bed bug Treatment




Do Not Use Any Over The Counter Insect Chemicals.  


This only drives the bugs throughout the unit and is completely ineffective.


A.   All bedding and dirty clothes must be washed and dried and put in plastic bags.

B.  All clean clothes in dresser drawers, closets, pillows, & stuffed animal toys, must be dried only or dry Cleaned for certain clothing items and         put in plastic bags.

C.  All personal items must be sealed in plastic bags. All clothing items must be dried at the hottest temperature possible for at least one hour     before they are returned to your unit.

D.  Put all cleaned & dried clothing in “new” clean plastic bags for transfer back to unit…DO NOT BRING THEM BACK IN THE SAME BAGS.          DISCARD OLD BAGS IMMEDIATELY IN THE DUMPSTER.

E.   Put all your empty dresser drawers onto the floor.

F.   After your first treatment, wait 24 hours then you can put all clothes back in drawers and closets.

  1.  You must supply allergen rated zippered plastic mattress cover (1 for the mattress and 1 for the box spring covers)  in your home. DO NOT PUT THESE ON YOURSELF . We will insert the mattress and box spring into the covers after it has been treated. These bags are available at  Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target and other local discount stores. 
  2.  ALL food must be covered or placed in cupboards or refrigerator.
  3.  Please cover or put away all cooking utensils.
  4.  Pick Up all loose clutter from around the unit.(Ex: children’s toys, books .etc. …).Pack all books in plastic bags and tightly seal them. Place all plastic children’s toys in bathtub and cover them with hot water until initial treatment is complete.
  5.  All furniture must be moved at least 2 feet from the walls to allow access to the baseboards along the floor line. This is for ALL treatments.
  6.  THOROUGHLY vacuum the entire unit and immediately dispose of the vacuum bag in the dumpster.
  7.  After Initial treatment, adults must be out of the unit for 4 hours and children and elderly for 6 to 8 hours.

Failure to follow these procedures prior to your extermination appointment will result in dramatically worsening your situation, and increase the possibility of exposure to the other units in the building.