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Virus Protection/Sterilization Service Now Available

We have been very fortunate to be able to secure a supply of DVC (the Coronavirus disinfecting solution). This is the same product that is being and distributed to hospitals. This product is ideal for ALL common areas (hallways, laundry rooms etc.) DVC is effective for 30 days. Now the distribution centers are being limited to only sending DVC to emergency centers and hospitals. Please don’t wait to take advantage of this service!

Virus Protection Service Now Available for:

  1. Office Facilities
  2. High Sensitive areas for Service (Restrooms, Sleeping areas and Kitchens)
  3. Exercise Facilities
  4. Residents Apartments
  5. Private Homes


This service allows the personnel or/and residents to say
in the area when service is rendered. No re-entry
Our material is also labeled for Medical Facilities.

Rates: $25.00 per room with a $100.00 minimum. NO EXCEPTIONS