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Mice and rats can be carriers of various diseases, either directly or indirectly. The rodent itself may be infected with a number of diseases; it may have parasites that bring the diseases into the home. Note that the Bubonic Plague of the middle 1300s was spread, not so much by the rodents themselves, but by the insects and parasites that they carried. From viruses to bacterial infections, these diseases can affect various body functions and systems, including pulmonary function, fevers and blood circulatory systems. Water supplies that are infected by rodent urine can cause deadly bacterial growth.

Rodents love to gnaw on everything. This can cause damage to electrical wiring, piping insulation and wood structural members. Many times, attics are nesting areas for rodents. They can cause considerable damage to attic insulation and electrical wiring.



We will inspect the entire premise thoroughly to find all possible mice openings. We will use powder, bait and trapping methods to flush the mice out of the occupied areas. Setting traps is also a part of the control procedure and will depend on your situation.  We use lock boxes that are safe for pets and children.   Upon elimination of the pests, our technician will advise you to patch and close all accessible openings the mice had created